Desk table mini vacuum cleaner, this vacuum cleaner has both blow and suction function. It can help clean the table or office desk very well. As a wet dry vacuum cleaner, it also can help clean some water on the table or desk.

With strong suction or blow function, this handheld mini vacuum cleaner can clean the dust or other small things very easily. Small body, this make it can be stored everywhere you like. You don`t need to worry it will take large space.

Handheld vacuum cleaner: This mini vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning hidden dirty of notebook keyboard, printer, pet food, office, kitchen table, or other small household appliances.

Car mini vacuum cleaner: This USB vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning car vent, dashboard, storage cabinet, sand, dust, paper, food debris, and so on.

Rechargeable wireless vacuum cleaner: this vacuum cleaner power supplied by usb port, which is very easy and convenient to use and store.

Easy to use: this mini vacuum cleaners` filter can be washed by water. Just open the dust pot and take it out, then wash it clean and use it again after it dry.